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July 11, 2023

St. Louis Inno Spotlight Series: How Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Local Funding Available in the St. Louis Startup Ecosystem

St. Louis startups have grown in number over the past two decades, thanks in no small part to the variety of accelerators, venture capital and angel investment opportunities available in the region. In his recent article for St. Louis Business Journal’s INNO platform, Anders advisory manager Kyle Krahl, MBA, ASA explored the different funding partners and support options available to startups in the St. Louis area. In this first installment of a multi-part series, Kyle spotlights accelerators, angel investors and venture capital firms who have focused their attentions on the region. 

In the article, Kyle writes,

“As the level of investment increases, the level of sophistication and due diligence are also heightened… Finding resources to fund your startup is only the beginning, and it takes hard work and determination to convince these investors to take a chance on your business.”

Kyle featured several organizations who not only provide financial support but also supply the startups in their portfolios with mentorship opportunities. 

Learn more about these organizations, what they look for when making investments and how they help startups reach the next stage of development in the full article: How founders can access funding in St. Louis.  

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