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May 29, 2024

The CannaBiz Success Show: Insights into the Cannabis Industry’s Evolving Challenges with Clay Kniepmann

Clay Kniepmann, Forensic, Valuation and Litigation Principle at Anders CPAs + Advisors, joins Guillermo to discuss the surge in litigation, the importance of clear operating agreements and the challenges of valuation in the volatile cannabis market. They explore how to avoid cannabis business mistakes, the impact of state-level regulations, the implications of federal reclassification and the complexities of financial structures in cannabis businesses. Emphasizing the need for transparency and accurate record-keeping, they also consider the future of federal legalization and its potential effects on the industry.

“It’s hard to play a game if the rules keep changing, and that’s unfortunately part of this being such a new industry.”

Clay Kniepmann, Anders CPAs + Advisors

Listen and Learn

  • Litigation, forensic accounting and valuation in the cannabis industry
  • Challenges and complexities faced by cannabis companies
  • Importance of clear operating agreements and proper documentation
  • Challenges of tracking transactions in the cannabis industry
  • Financial and entity structures of cannabis businesses

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