March 23, 2023

But Who’s Counting? Season 2 Episode 3: Leveling Up Your Cybersecurity in 2023 and Why Technology Still Needs Humans

Hackers and cybercriminals’ methods have become more sophisticated within the last 10 years, but not every business has the updated cybersecurity network necessary to reduce their vulnerability to attack. But Who’s Counting? host David E. Hartley discussed the need for businesses to overhaul outdated security systems to a strong cybersecurity policy with Anders Principal and Director + Technology Jason N. Gotway. Topics discussed include:

  • How your 2010s cybersecurity strategy may be putting your company at risk in 2020s 
  • Cybersecurity AI and automation aren’t enough to stay secure – why companies need the human element
  • Why ransomware attacks are still happening and what should a company do once ransomware is suspected or identified
  • Modernizing your cybersecurity strategy through up-to-date patches, prioritizing cybersecurity upgrades, next-gen firewalls and multi-factor authentication software
  • How to tap into features you may already have and may not be aware of
  • Revisiting your cybersecurity insurance policy
  • Vital questions to ask your technology and IT teams and how often business leaders should have these conversations

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