March 27, 2024

ON-DEMAND RECORDINGS | Understanding CRA’s New Retail Lending Test: What Banks of Every Size Need to Know

Face your Retail Lending Test with confidence backed by to-the-minute research on an evolving regulation. 

The new Retail Lending Test was introduced as part of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) final rule and its implementation will have considerable impact on large and intermediate-sized banks, in addition to the small banks who opt-in. Weighted at 40% for large banks and 50% for intermediate banks, the Retail Lending Test is a vital part of a bank’s evaluation under the CRA. To help your institution prepare itself for the updated test, Anders advisors share valuable information and practical insights to ensure your readiness.  

The Anders Banking and Financial Institutions team is excited to continue our quarterly webinar series to educate banks on the evolving regulations and compliance requirements impacting the industry today and into the future. 

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