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March 15, 2023

Anders Technology Earns Dell Gold Partnership Status

Anders Technology has earned the Dell Gold Partner designation for the second consecutive year. This tiered program is designed for businesses that sell and support Dell technologies. To become a Dell Gold Partner, a business must meet specific criteria, including providing above-and-beyond customer service and maintaining a high level of expertise in Dell’s technology.  

Gold-Level Partnership Unlocks Additional Benefits 

Anders Technology’s partnership with Dell gives us access to added benefits such as additional training and competencies. These trainings, which focus on client and infrastructure solutions, allow our staff to specialize in certain Dell Technologies solution areas to bring our clients the most appropriate knowledge and required skillset to meet their needs. Our partnership also grants access to additional resources and tools to help streamline and enhance the services we already provide.  

Your organization has unique technological needs, ranging from providing your workers with the necessary hardware to managing cloud-based services to support remote workers. Anders Technology works with companies to deliver technology solutions that help you meet and exceed these goals. Learn more about our services and the associated fees by contacting Anders below.

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