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June 30, 2022

Anders Announces 2022 Promotions

Anders recently announced annual employee promotions across the firm, from audit and assurance to tax, advisory and operations. These individuals are being recognized for their professional achievements and ability to live the firm’s core values by delivering outstanding results for our clients and community. Join us in congratulating our recently promoted employees! Learn more about each individual and access their bio by clicking on their name below.


Danielle Bergfeld | Audit and Assurance

Danielle Bergfeld, Senior + Audit and Assurance

Jack Dempster_Audit and Assurance

Jack DempsterSenior + Audit and Assurance

Collin Patton | Audit and Assurance

Collin PattonSenior + Audit and Assurance

Nick Schveninger | Audit and Assurance

Nicholas Schveninger, Senior + Audit and Assurance

Jeremy Simpson | Audit and Assurance

Jeremy SimpsonSenior + Audit and Assurance

Megan Smith | Audit Associate

Megan Smith, Senior + Audit and Assurance

Ryan Youck | Audit

Ryan Youck, Senior + Audit and Assurance

Sandy Lane | Audit and Assurance

Sandra LaneCompliance Supervisor + Audit and Assurance

Sadie Carrera | Audit and Assurance

Sadie Carrera, Compliance Supervisor + Audit and Assurance

Brenda Hall | Audit and Assurance

Brenda HallCompliance Supervisor + Audit and Assurance

Amy Tepen | Anders CPA

Amy TepenLoan Review Supervisor + Audit and Assurance

Molly White | Anders CPA

Molly Carroll, Payroll Compliance Supervisor + Audit and Assurance​​​​

Stephen Kohler | Anders CPA

Stephen KohlerManager + Audit and Assurance

Patrick Peters | Audit and Assurance

Patrick PetersLoan Review Manager + Audit and Assurance

Brian Loose | Anders CPA

Brian Loose, Senior Manager + Audit and Assurance

Stephanie Jones | Audit Manager

Stephanie Jones, Principal + Audit and Assurance


Kailey Anderson | Tax Associate

Kailey AndersonSenior + Tax

Anna Foppe | Tax

Anna FoppeSenior + Tax

Regan Goldasich | Anders CPAs

Regan GoldasichSenior + Tax

Justin Sweeney | Tax

Justin SweeneySenior + Tax

Agnes Rybak | Anders CPA

Agnes Rybak, Senior + Business Accounting

Adam Bauer | Anders CPA

​​​​​​​Adam BauerSupervisor + Tax

Chrysa Cousley | Anders CPA

Chrysa Cousley, Supervisor + Tax

Derek Engelkemeyer | Anders CPA

Derek Engelkemeyer, Supervisor + Tax

Abby Ferguson | Anders CPA

Abby FergusonSupervisor + Tax

Paige Kniepmann | Anders CPA

Paige GonsalvesSupervisor + Tax

Dan Wimberg | Tax Senior

Dan WimbergSupervisor + Tax

Dalton Zeiser | Anders CPA

Dalton Zeiser, Supervisor + Tax

Tracy Hutter | Anders CPA

Tracy Hutter, Manager + Tax

Elizabeth Watkins | Anders

Elizabeth Watkins, Manager + Tax

Julie Poeling | Anders CPA

Julie Poeling, Manager + Business Accounting

Leigh Reiter | Anders CPA

Leigh ReiterManager + Business Accounting

Pam Ditch | Anders CPA

Pamela Ditch, Senior Manager + Tax

Cindy Gray | Anders CPA

Cindy Gray, Senior Manager + Tax

Erin Mueller | Anders CPA

Erin Mueller, Senior Manager + Tax

Jane Maddox | Anders CPA

Jane Maddox, Principal + Tax


Outsourced Accounting

Natalie Horstmann | Anders CPA

Natalie SchuetteSenior Accountant + Outsourced Accounting

Jordan Reichert | Outsourced Accounting Associate

Jordan Reichert, Senior Accountant + Outsourced Accounting

Cagney Ferbet | Outsourced Accounting

Cagney Ferbet, Supervisor + Outsourced Accounting

Health Care

Merella Schandl | Anders CPA

Merella Schandl, Principal + Health Care


Morgan Baalman | Anders CPA

Morgan Baalman, Senior Systems Administrator + Technology

Jonathan Ciembronowicz | Anders CPA

Jon Ciembronowicz, Engineer, Cloud + Technology

Kris Nye | Anders CPA

Kris Nye, Engineer, Cloud + Technology

Alan Winters | Anders

Alan Winters, Engineer, Power Platform + Technology

Joe Szoke | Anders CPA

Joe Szoke, Senior Engineer, Cloud + Technology

Kyle Neely | Anders CPA

Kyle Neely, Solutions Architect, Power Platform + Technology

Scot Sullivan | Anders CPA

Scot SullivanSolutions Architect, Infrastructure + Technology

Dan Kloeppel | Anders CPA

Dan KloeppelCloud Services Manager + Technology



Theresa Pisciotta | Anders CPA

Theresa Pisciotta, Event Coordinator

Human Resources

Trey Meier | Anders CPA

Trey Meier, Senior Recruiter

Jenna Cassity | Recruiting

Jenna Cassity, Senior Recruiter

Jennifer Sides | Human Resources

Jennifer Sides, Chief People Officer

Strategic Growth

Ellen Moro | Anders CPA

Ellen Moro, Coordinator + Strategic Growth


Austin Fohne | Anders CPA

Austin Fohne, IT Support Analyst

Macie Hanneken

Macie O’Riley, IT Lead Data Analyst

Dalton Reeves | Anders CPA

Dalton Reeves, IT Lead of Security and Infrastructure

Dalton Ackerson - Anders CPA

Dalton Ackerson, IT Senior Automation Analyst

Alex Grosse | Anders CPA

Alex Grosse, IT Senior Manager 

Tyler Kaberline | IT

Tyler Kaberline, IT Senior Manager


Sue Gwaltney

Sue Gwaltney, Executive Assistant

Andi Emke

Andi Emke, Administrative Assistant


Trista Benko | Accountant

Trista Benko, Senior Accountant + Finance

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