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May 3, 2022

St. Louis Inno Partnership: When is a Fractional CFO Right for You?

Startups and entrepreneurs that are not in a financial place or at a level of complexity that would require a full-time CFO could benefit from a fractional, or outsourced, CFO. Anders Principal and Director + Outsourced CFO, Beth Schulte, CPA, MBA, explains what a fractional CFO is, when a company should consider this option and the key benefits of a big picture fractional CFO in a recent article for the St. Louis Business Journal’s St. Louis Inno platform.

In the article, Beth dives into how a fractional CFO can help startup companies in the early stages understand their finances and build a sound financial infrastructure as the process gets too complex for owners to manage with just a single accountant. “The vast benefits vary – from more insightful reporting and decision making, to aligning planning and forecasting to the business vision, as well as better fiscal management and control,” she explains. Beth walks through the financial and administrative burden hiring a fractional CFO can alleviate for owners and founders.

Read the full article for more of Beth’s insights: When is a fractional CFO right for you?

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