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March 23, 2020

Saving Venture Café St. Louis: The Anders CPAs + Advisors Challenge

By bringing entrepreneurs, companies and investors together, Venture Café St. Louis has helped propel the success of our startup community. But as of last week, all in-person, public events, which are a main source of income, have been postponed due to COVID-19 health concerns. Venturé Cafe St. Louis has helped so many local startups in our community, and now it’s time to help them. With that in mind, we’re introducing the Anders CPAs + Advisors Challenge.

“Venture Café has always been a safe, welcoming space where entrepreneurs and startups can connect, share ideas and build relationships,” says Dave Finklang, founder of the Anders startup practice. “It has been the foundation for many creative ideas and conversations that have turned into profitable, growing companies in our region.”

About the Challenge

Recognizing the value Venture Café St. Louis has brought to Anders growing startup practice, we decided to help.  So we are challenging everyone who:

  • Met an investor at Venture Café
  • Invested in a startup introduced at Venture Café
  • Networked at Venture Café
  • Presented at Venture Café
  • Learned something new at Venture Café
  • Has a new contact, colleague or friend from Venture Café
  • Enjoyed the camaraderie or benefited in any way
  • Have used the Innovation Hall free workspace

Join us in helping give this Leader in Innovation the opportunity to keep innovating.  We’ll start with a $2,500 donation and hope businesses and individuals who value their contribution to St. Louis to accept our challenge and give what you can.  There are no minimums or maximums on this challenge.

Learn more about Venture Café St. Louis and donate here.

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