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February 20, 2018

New Construction in Downtown St. Louis with Ball Park Village Phase 2, Scottrade Renovations and More

As a downtown St. Louis accounting firm, we’re very interested in the new construction that comes to St. Louis and its effect on the city. Our employees work and play downtown, and it’s exciting to see our home thrive with new business and opportunity. Below are a few interesting construction projects we’re keeping an eye on around downtown St. Louis.

Ball Park Village Phase 2

With views of Busch Stadium from the Anders office, we have a front row seat to Ball Park Village Phase 2 breaking ground. On the west side of the existing Ball Park Village there will be a large office building and hotel with special events space. While the east side will house a 29 story residential apartment building. Both sides will have outstanding views into the Busch Stadium, and additional retail and restaurants in between. The office building and hotel will include structured parking below. It will be the first office building in downtown in almost 3 decades. This project is expected to generate millions in tax revenue for St. Louis City, while creating thousands of jobs for the surrounding residents.

Scottrade Center Renovations

Home of the St. Louis Blues, Scottrade Center went through some recent renovations as well. Before the Blues season started, the ice rink was completely demolished and reconstructed with extreme preciseness. The more obvious changes include a giant new scoreboard and ribbon display, as well as the new theatre box seats offering a glamorous way to enjoy the game. Locker rooms, bathrooms and a new flex space were also updated or added.

Railway Exchange Building

The 1914 Railway Exchange building, or old Macy’s Department Store, in downtown St. Louis may get some new life breathed into it by Hudson Holdings. This massive $250 Million project will create over 600 new apartments in downtown with the addition of retail and office space.

Chemical Building

A new owner has taken over the Chemical Building, located at 721 Olive, and is moving quickly to get bids on the project, since its neighboring building has begun work on a $65 Million hotel conversion.

Christian Peper Building

There is a St. Louis developer moving forward with plans to convert the riverfront Christian Peper building in Laclede’s Landing into a mixed use residential building for 49-51 residential units on upper levels with office and retail space in the lower levels.

Stay tuned for more St. Louis projects coming to construction.

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