May 7, 2013

CQI – That’s the Remedy

Ever wonder how better-performing medical practices excel and you feel like yours is standing still?  CQI.  That’s right – continuous quality improvement.  From patient access through on-going management of the business of healthcare, better-performing practices strive to get better.  You have probably used some CQI techniques in the clinical side of your practice but not applied similar techniques to the business side.

The easiest way to get started is to use an Operational Assessment approach.   What is an operational assessment?  A disciplined approach to addressing an operational issue or goal.  They can be conducted internally or by an external party.  They can focus on your entire practice or one particular pain point.  They can be directed toward revenue stream, production, efficiency, or expense right-sizing.

How do you go about being a better-performer that adopts CQI as its mantra?  Successful operational assessments include many steps, such as:  clearly identifying what you want to improve and why; analyzing data on the existing process; identifying hindrances toward reaching your goal that are inherent in the existing process; developing the new approach and testing it!  And as always, move on to the next initiative so that you are always in a CQI frame of mind, emphasis on the C!

Be sure to join us for our webinar on May 22 “Improving Financial Viability in Your Medical Practice” to learn more about using operational assessments and a CQI frame of mind to bump your practice up to better-performing status.

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