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Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

Data collection that’s automated, visualized and presented so that you and your business can move forward.

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Poor decisions, based on gut instead of data, cost companies 3% of yearly profits at a minimum.

The Anders business intelligence and data analytics team helps businesses translate the numbers that matter to offer our clients complete data consulting services.

Don’t let the complexity of data stall your efforts.

Each functional area of your business has unique needs — from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance — and can use data to solve different problems.

Anders designs solutions for each of those unique needs, offering comprehensive, accurate, timely, and flexible tools to serve your strategic and operational goals.

Analytics for Business Performance

By collecting and analyzing data, we determine what effects executive decisions and changes had on your company’s performance and then alter those changes to help create a more effective process. Our analysis of these metrics can help your company save on operating costs, generate more revenue and reach higher profitability. We use business performance analytics to improve the performance of both your employees and their managers.

Our Analytics for Business Performance solutions will help executives:

Aggregate and analyze data from both unstructured and structured sources, plus financial and operational data, to inform management strategy.
Transform data into digestible insights and articulating that insight in the form of dashboards and reports surfacing recommendations supporting stakeholder decision-making.

Analytics for Financial Performance

The majority of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) teams and finance departments use only financial data instead of incorporating operational data to understand the full picture. They also primarily focus on historical data rather than predicting future outcomes. This historical focus is inefficient and costly. Our approach analyzes your financial and operational data to make an action plan for reaching future goals.

Our Analytics for Financial Performance solutions will help finance teams gain insights through:

Revenue and Cost Forecasting
Cash Flow Projections
Budget Analysis
Expense Monitoring

Analytics for Operational Excellence

Many operational decisions are made based on gut reaction rather than data. Analytics empower business leaders to improve decision-making throughout the organization to raise your company’s level of operational performance. By understanding your business and the story your data tells, we can put processes in place to drive operational improvements.

Our Analytics for Operational Excellence solutions leverage data to enable all departments and functions to optimize:

Costs vs. Benefits

Fully Integrated Financial Intelligence

To make the most of your data, we work with major accounting, CRM and ERP platforms to connect to the platforms you already use.

Turn Data to Insights

Data Cleansing and Quality Management

Clean, quality data is vital to decision-making. We combine data-quality management and maintenance with financial intelligence so your foundational data is accurate and trustworthy.

Data Warehousing and Integration

Pulling data from multiple systems is complex and critical for analysis. Anders will orchestrate the integration of those systems together through data warehousing, data virtualization and custom API layers.

Automated Reporting, Visualization and Analytics

Advanced analytics capabilities can empower your organization with predictive insights, financial forecasting and deep-fiscal analysis. That starts with accessible dashboards that offer clarity and a common foundation for all.

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