February 15, 2024

Anders Named a Most Recommended Tax & Accounting Firm by USA Today

Anders has been recognized by USA Today as a Most Recommended Tax & Accounting Firm for 2024. When tax season arrives, finding a tax or accounting firm that fills your business’s needs is vital to ensure necessary documents are filed correctly and on time. USA Today, in cooperation with independent market research institute and statistics platform Statista, unveiled the two titles for the first time.  

To determine the top 100 tax and top 100 accounting firms, Statista conducted broad surveys of tax and accounting professionals in addition to their clients. The professionals were asked to list 10 tax or accounting firms they would recommend if their company couldn’t take on a client. Clients were asked to list up to 10 accounting or tax firms based on their experience over the past three years.  

The firm’s dedication to providing top client services is clear amongst our peers and our clients.  

The full list can be found on USA Today’s website.  

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