October 19, 2021

Anders Launches Business Analytics Solution in Partnership with Data Analytics Firm Onebridge

Anders has partnered with Indianapolis-based business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm Onebridge to introduce a Business Analytics solution for middle-market companies.

This partnership brings together the deep financial and business advisory expertise offered by Anders with Onebridge’s data analytics and technical acumen to better serve middle-market companies. The new Business Analytics solution is part of the Anders Advisory practice offerings and provides the hidden intelligence executives need to make more informed business decisions.

The need to make better business decisions based on organization-wide data is a growing pain point for businesses today. Poor decisions are expensive, with the potential to cost companies 3% of profits. Anders quickly recognized that data-driven decision-making is a competitive advantage for clients.

“Many middle-market companies have yet to fully understand the power of analytics,” explains Anders Partner and Director of Advisory, David Hartley. “Our joint solution is intended to help middle-market companies begin their journey of capitalizing on the power of data and improved decision making to drive results.”

Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations can outperform their peers by 5% in productivity and 6% in profitability. Through properly designed and implemented analytics, Anders and Onebridge help organizations answer imperative questions using data that was previously locked or unmined. Solid data allows them to verify, understand and quantify and thus make more informed business decisions. Each client situation will be unique; Anders will help identify the data needed to solve or strategize, Onebridge will deliver the data, and Anders will help analyze the information so clients can make smarter business decisions.

“Our clients want to maximize the value of their data by extracting actionable insights that create a competitive advantage. Our partnership with Anders combines our technical capability with their business and financial expertise to generate powerful answers that can really impact their business performance,” said Onebridge COO Scott Morgan. “We are very excited to partner with Anders to deliver this joint solution and create even more value for our clients.”

The Business Analytics solution aligns with the firm’s strategic growth plans within the Advisory practice and supports the goal of being a comprehensive partner for businesses. Anders currently advises clients in the areas of business analytics, technology, talent, forensics and litigation, outsourced accounting and outsourced CFO and will continue to grow these areas and add new opportunities that fit into the firm’s commitment to strategic growth.

Learn more about Anders Business Analytics offerings or download our Next-Generation FP&A White Paper.

About Onebridge

Onebridge is a full-lifecycle BI, Data Analytics, and Enterprise Application Development consulting firm serving some of the largest healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and government entities in the U.S. for over 15 years. Entirely employee-owned and operated, Onebridge has been a top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis for seven years in a row. For more information on Onebridge, visit onebridge.tech.

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