World’s Highest Paid Gamer

Business Insider released its compilation of the highest paid video game players in the world today. To see the full list click here.

Topping the list at #1, was gaming legend and member of the International Video Game Hall of Fame’s inaugural class, Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel.  Fatal1ty is known worldwide as having won 12 world championships in 5 different games, and as being the dominant player in FPS gaming history.

Media coverage of Johnathan has been extensive.  From being featured on 60 Minutes to a documentary on MTV to a feature in BusinessWeek, coverage of Johnathan and his career exploits has been widespread.

Not everyone knows however, the extent to which he has replicated his competitive gaming success, in the boardroom.  As the founder and CEO of Fatal1ty, Inc., Johnathan’s signature line of branded computer hardware and soft goods have sold more than $120 million in retail sales since their inception.  These products range from his Creative manufactured headsets to his OCZ produced PSU’s.  With these products currently being sold on 6 continents, his reach as a business figure might one day rival that of his as a gamer.

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