Words of Wisdom from a “Just Hired” Accountant

Oh, the dreaded recruiting process… where to begin? In accounting, it all actually begins the minute you declare your major.

You are drilled with questions: Do you want to do tax or audit? Do you prefer public or private? When do you plan on getting your CPA? So, unlike many college students, future accountants are looking at the job market from the day they start college. At least I know I was.

Here are four steps to make your recruiting process easy, yet effective.

One: Prepare a solid resume. Go to resume workshops; the people who work in these writing labs can help ensure your resume is flawless.

Two: Submit your resume on recruiting websites and attend career fairs.

Three: Research the companies you are privileged to interview with. You should do this for two reasons. First, to see if this really is somewhere you want to work, and second, to be well versed in your interview.

Four: Send thank you letters after your interviews and wait patiently.

Throughout all of these steps, ask for advice. Teachers, friends, placement centers, current CPAs, recruiters and family members can provide great advice and insight.

I dreaded the recruiting process. But, looking back, it really went smoothly. Follow these steps I’m sure it will for you too.