The When, Where and Who About W-4s

Deadlines are looming. Where do I get the right forms?

Form W-4

A Form W-4 on which an employee claims exemption from withholding legally expires February 15 of the year after it is filed. Remind employees who claimed exemption from withholding on their 2009 Form W-4 the exemption expires and they will need to file a new 2010 Form W-4 on or before February 15, 2010. The 2010 forms are available at Forms W-4 must be available for inspection by an IRS employee if requested. Employers may receive requests from the IRS requiring submission of a copy of Form W-4 for one or more employees.

Missouri Form W-4

Form MO W-4 allows employees to claim the same allowances as on the Federal Form W-4. Employees should review the Form MO W-4 to ensure correct withholdings. The employer must send a copy of Form MO W-4 to the Department of Revenue within 20 days after any NEW employee completes the form. This information is being used to enforce the state’s child support laws. The 2010 Forms are available at .

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