Utilizing In-Room Monitor Technology to Increase Patient Satisfaction

Implementing interactive technology in hospitals has been proven to increase patient satisfaction scores. Interactive technology gives patients access to hospital staff and services at their fingertips. In-room monitors have been a large contributor to patient satisfaction and offer many benefits including:

    • The opportunity to ask and receive responses to questions about their care
    • Food menus and other minor facility requests
    • Submission of feedbacks
    • Access to health education information concerning their discharge

Not only are interactive patient technological advances beneficial to patients, but providers reap the benefits as well, including:

  • Prioritizing their patients’ needs based on urgency
  • Minor questions that are often time consuming are quickly answered through interactive monitors, leaving more time for urgent requests to be answered in person
  • Real-time patient feedback and service alerts for future modifications of processes to improve patient satisfaction

As healthcare is constantly developing, it’s important to stay on top of patient satisfaction and engagement. Utilizing innovative technologies such as in-room monitors and simple actions can help providers reach the ultimate goal of improving healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction. It’s important to research and utilize technological advances to ensure the best patient satisfaction and supply the most efficient practice for medical staff.