Treasury and IRS Announce that all Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will be Recognized for Federal Tax Purposes

Just before the Labor Holiday weekend, the Obama Administration has announced that married same-sex couples will be treated the same as opposite-sex couples for tax purposes, regardless of where they live now. This is a follow-up by the Treasury Department to the Supreme Court’s June ruling striking down a key section of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.  Right before the July 4th holiday, the Administration announced that gay and lesbian married couples can file joint federal tax returns.

In this latest development, the government said married same sex couples can be treated the same as married opposite sex couples for tax purposes even if they have moved to states that do not permit same-sex marriages. However, they may have to file their state tax returns as if they were not married, depending on state laws. The same is not true for Social Security, which will only recognize couples living in states that allow same-sex marriage.  Anders will be following this new ruling; please check back to this blog later for more information.