Top St. Louis Sports Marketing Executives Talk Trends at Anders Symposium

The second segment of the Anders Sports, Arts & Entertainment Sports Symposium highlighted sports marketing in St. Louis.  Our two panelists were Lisa Boaz of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams and Eric Stisser of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues.

Both had some great insight on the current trends of sports marketing and Patrick Rishe’s first question to the panel asked about the toughest thing about marketing their respective teams.  Lisa Boaz answered first saying, “the hardest thing is staying affordable while dealing with the team’s poor results on the field the past few seasons.” It is hard to keep people paying for tickets when a team is doing poorly but hopefully the Rams can turn it around this season and attract more fans to games.

Eric Stisser followed Lisa by stating, “the hardest thing for us is making the game experience less about wins and losses and more about having a good time.”  Eric and his team want to sell tickets for the full game experience regardless of how well the team is doing.  “It provides more consistency in the long run,” he said.  Patrick then asked about current trends in the sports marketing field.  Eric commented saying that, “advertisers and businesses want more bang for their buck.  We are constantly thinking outside the box to give fans more inside access,” which shows the evolution of selling a game experience.  Lisa said that, “the increase of women fans is really trending right now.  Females really want to be a part of the sport scene.”  Hopefully this will help grow the success for female professional sports in the future.

Patrick Rishe’s final question to the panel was to name the best and worst sports moment in St. Louis history.  Here were their answers:

Lisa Boaz: 
Best– The Rams beating the San Francisco 49ers at home in 2012
Worst– The Rams going 1-15 in 2009

Eric Stisser:   
Best– The Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV
Worst– The Rams losing Super Bowl XXXVI

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