Today’s CPA is not Your Grandfather’s Accountant

Students are faced with hundreds of choices daily, but none more profound than making a choice for a future. As Anders’s on-campus recruiter, I know the angst students can feel when posed with the question “what do you want to be?”

When considering a career, it is important to consider your personal work values:

  • what is most important to you in a job
  • what is most suitable for your individual personality
  • what best suits your interests

While exploring your options, look into accounting. You’ll find accounting represents a profession with many opportunities and possibilities.

If accounting is a career choice you’re considering, it’s important to keep in mind that accountants today no longer match the “typical stereotype.” Pocket protectors and bean counting are out and consultative projects and client contact are in.

Accountants must still be technically competent and business savvy, but they should also be dynamic and personable. After getting a degree in accounting, you should take the exams to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This designation signifies intelligence, ethics and integrity, which in turn equals a great formula to success.

After graduation, students have several options on where to start their career. Some choose public accounting, like Anders, whereas other prefer the private sector, or a governmental or not-for-profit entity.

At Anders, we love to demonstrate just how exciting it is to be an accountant. That’s why we hold an annual Job Shadow Day for college students. It’s a day when students come to our office, talk with new and experienced accountants and get a feel for their everyday life. By the end of the day, they realize there is no “typical day” at Anders.

We applaud you for rising to the challenge and learning more about accounting as a career choice. If you aren’t afraid of a little challenge and are looking for professional and personal advancement, it is a CHOICE you won’t regret.