March Means Tax Return and Basketball Madness at AMD!

It’s March, and at Anders, that means stacks of tax returns and MARCH MADNESS. Anders’ annual Hoops for Hope basketball pool is underway and looking to have its biggest year yet. Now in its 25th year, the pool, started out as just an office pool, moved to one that included clients and colleagues, and seven years ago changed its focus to raising money for Anders’s Charity of Choice. Each year, Anders partners and staff have elected a charity to support and Hoops for Hope has become one of the year’s largest fundraisers. Anders has donated all the prizes and 100% of the proceeds collected go to the charity. This year’s Charity of Choice is Nurses for Newborns. They provide a safety net for families most at-risk; to help prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect through home based programs that provide education, healthcare and positive parenting skills.

Last year, with “tongue in cheek,” we added a Double Diamond Super Platinum Sponsorship. This year, with expectations of the tournament being even bigger, we thought the sponsorship name should be too, which resulted in the Triple-Diamond MEGA Platinum Sponsorship. For just $100 or a prize, a company or individual can get their logo displayed on our Hoops for Hope web page. We’ve already had an amazing amount of support from clients and friends eager to be a sponsor. With their help, we will be able to provide Nurses for Newborns with an even ‘bigger’ check this year. And we mean that literally, at the end of the tournament we present an actual ‘big’ check to our Charity of Choice at a special luncheon held at Anders.

We hope you’ll join in the fun and participate in our Hoops for Hope tournament that benefits such a great cause. You may even get lucky and be one of the top ten winners. It hasn’t been revealed what the top prize is this year, but it’s always well received. Thanks again to our sponsors and all our friends that participate, we always look forward to this fun time of year, even with deadlines looming.