The Summer of Trades

The professional sports trading season has had some real action this summer.

In many cases, we see the trade of an experienced star for multiple projected stars.

It appears the Timberwolves have reached an agreement to trade Kevin Love to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and another first round pick next year.  At least Kevin Love plans to sign a five year deal with Cleveland.

In the baseball world, it often becomes more a part-year rental.  Teams will part with significant prospects just to get a big name star to fill a gap in the lineup for the remaining two months of the year, plus the postseason – they hope.  Then the star is most likely gone.  Off to test free agency and possibly end up with a third team the following year.

It’s clear the quest for postseason success has a price – especially if a team feels there is a short window of opportunity with the remaining pieces already on their team.

Speaking of Price – Detroit now has a pretty formidable playoff pitching rotation of Scherzer, Verlander and Price, the last 3 Cy Young winners in the American League.  The question becomes what will this trade, or any of them, look like a couple years down the road.