A Strategy to Improve Your Business & Strengthen the Manufacturing Industry (Part III of V)

This is the third in a five part series based on the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) whitepaper, Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry and taking the First Steps toward the Revitalization of Manufacturing. This blog discusses a strategy for revitalizing the manufacturing industry.

The public and private sectors must come together to revitalize the manufacturing industry and grow the economy. This can be accomplished by putting people, schools, businesses and the government to work; producing literate career-ready citizens capable of joining the workforce; and enabling manufacturers to once again lead the designing, building, and exporting of quality products and services around the globe. The top three priorities for revitalizing manufacturing are:

  1. Building a better educated and trained workforce,
  2. Promoting product and process innovation, as well as research and development, and
  3. Improving global competitiveness for companies.

Each priority contains elements that must be considered in developing public policies that support the revitalization of the manufacturing sector, and policy-makers must consider these elements in shaping future public policy and legislation. Their goal should be to help public school systems and companies transform themselves to compete in more knowledge-intensive and information-fueled innovative processes, leading to more competitiveness by putting people back to work building things at home. The manufacturing industry is accomplishing these goals by:

  • Reforming public education to produce career-ready citizens;
  • Establishing consortiums to help sustain and grow businesses through sharing technology and innovative ideas;
  • Reshoring (insourcing); and
  • Deploying training within industry programs to train or retrain workers who have the ability to work in advanced manufacturing jobs.

Achieving the priorities discussed earlier will ultimately revitalize manufacturing and re-energize the economy. The four key components of the revitalization strategy will be discussed in my next blog.

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