Startup Newsletter October 2017

Stadia Ventures: Transforming St. Louis into the Sports Innovation Hub

From our perspective in the St. Louis startup ecosystem, there is almost nothing more exciting than watching and experiencing first-hand the transformative effect that entrepreneurs have on our community.  One group of entrepreneurs that has put St. Louis on the map, not only nationally but globally, is Stadia Ventures.

Stadia Ventures, in literally just a matter of two years, has transformed St. Louis into the Sports Innovation Hub of the entire country and even globally.  If you have not heard of them yet, there is no doubt you will in the near future.  Stadia Ventures was formed by Tim Hayden and Art Chou, and they have built a sports innovation network that combines the strengths of entrepreneurs building sports startups, sporting industry partners from across the globe and investors with a passion for funding sports technology startups.

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