Startup Newsletter July 2018

St. Louis is Leading the Way in Startups, Corporations, and Universities Joining Forces

It is amazing what can happen when established corporations and startups come together.  Corporations, which may or may not be resting on their laurels given years of profitability can be met with fresh, innovative thinking from startups.  Startups, which may or may not have the resources or talent pool to take their company to the next level can be met with both of these things from established corporations.  When the power of a university system is layered on top, the results are even more powerful.

Given all the growth in the St. Louis startup ecosystem, it is no surprise that St. Louis is now leading the way in the trifecta that is the startup, corporation and university partnership.  This is by way of the Ameren Accelerator, the public-private partnership with Ameren Corporation, Capital Innovators Accelerator, the University of Missouri System and the UMSL Accelerate Program.

Learn more about the new Ameren Accelerator cohort.