Startup Newsletter January 2017

It’s “Tax Time”! What Do I Do, and When?

It’s New Year’s day, and our phones start ringing.  Startup founders that are new to the “business side” of their company are wondering what they need to do now that it is “tax time.”

Friends and family told them life was going to be much more complicated from a tax perspective than when they were employees of someone else’s company.  Now, they are in charge of not only their personal taxes, but also their company’s taxes.

Through that first tax call with the founder, we help put them at ease.  Yes, taxes for the company have potentially several layers.  However, setting out the timeline for the various filing requirements helps transform a rather intimidating process into a quite manageable process.

Check out the primary tax reporting obligations and due dates your startup should have on its radar, and the latest news from Anders.