Startup Newsletter December 2017

Doubling Down on Startups in 2018

Our startup and entrepreneurial services team has been reflecting on the past year of successes and growth in the St. Louis startup ecosystem. The past year has seen some big news coming out of the St. Louis ecosystem, such as the first corporate accelerator program in the country thanks to Ameren, some impressive exits including Confluence Life Sciences, and the birth of new startup capital sources. These are just a few of the many impressive accomplishments of St. Louis startups and the startup ecosystem over the past year.

As you may have picked up in past newsletters, and hopefully in meeting our team members out in the startup community, we are passionate about the St. Louis startup ecosystem. Due in part to big news like this, and even more because of the creativity and dedication of the entrepreneurs behind the companies they create which lead to this big news.

We take our commitment to the St. Louis startup ecosystem very seriously, and we’re “doubling down” on startups in 2018.  Just how are we doing that?  Well, we’re glad you asked…

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