Starting Your Accounting Career: What Really Matters in Choosing a CPA Firm

Deciding where to start your accounting career after college is overwhelming. From campus recruiting events to summer leadership programs and internships, these opportunities can help you determine where you see yourself starting and progressing in your career. But when it comes down to similar benefits and bells and whistles, how do you choose one CPA firm over another?

My relationship with Anders began when I was a sophomore in college. I had met with members of the firm at a recruiting event and was invited to their summer leadership program, Discover Anders. When I attended Discover Anders, the employees were welcoming and made me feel at home. The program was engaging, and I could tell that the firm was making a great impression on all of the participants just as we were trying to make a similar impression on the firm. We also were given the opportunity to participate in a community service event to show students that Anders is set on making an impact in their community beyond the scope of client services. After all I learned about the firm, I was excited to be offered an internship.

After almost two years since accepting my offer, it was finally time to start my internship in the Anders tax department. To say that I had a wonderful experience would be an understatement. Everyone I worked with was so helpful and outgoing. I could tell that they all wanted to see me succeed. The internship was also an unbelievable learning experience. In fact, I learned more in the three months of the internship that would help me with my career than in my entire undergraduate education. I genuinely enjoyed going to work every day, and the long hours of tax season went by quickly because I was surrounded by fun, energetic people who kept the office light. When the internship ended, I was honestly a little sad that I would not get to come back to the office every day for a while.

That summer, I completed a second internship with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. It did not take long for me to realize that it was just not the right fit. All of the bells and whistles could not overcome the impression that Anders had made on me in my time with them. Anders felt like home. In a profession where the hours can be long and where sometimes during the year CPAs will see their coworkers more than their own families, getting along with the people you work with is crucial. The Discover Anders and internship experiences also made the transition easier and relieved the first day jitters and pressures that come with entering the workforce full time after graduation. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice, and that Anders will give me the tools and opportunity to have the long and successful career that I have always hoped for. In the end, the choice was obvious for me, which is why I am now an associate at Anders CPAs + Advisors.