Start-up Newsletter October 2016

A Different Spin on Attracting Investors

Aside from a rare few fortunate founders, most startup CEO’s will find themselves on the fundraising circuit at some point in the early years of the company. For some founders, it may be many laps around the circuit.

While there are plenty of tips to better a company’s chances of fundraising success, most of the “competition” out there pitching are utilizing those tips. But, what if you could sweeten the deal more? That is what we are going to help you do via investor favorable tax planning. Tax planning… really?

Yes! Many individual investors and large investment groups are savvy investors. They not only want a strong top line return on their money, they want to maximize after-tax return. That being the case, why not sell to that desire?

Learn how talking tax savings can land you more investors and check out the latest news from Anders.