Sports Media Personalities Highlight Best and Worst Moments at Anders Symposium

The first Anders Sports, Arts & Entertainment Sports Symposium was a great success, the panels were energetic and the questions from the audience really made for interesting discussions regarding the world of sports we live in. In the coming days I am going to recap the entire event, today, let’s start with the Sports Media panel.

The symposium was kicked off at 8 AM by Patrick Rishe moderating questions for Frank Cusumano, Rob Rains, and Howard Balzer who are all mainstream sports radio hosts in St. Louis.  The first topic discussed how the three hosts go about getting sports news before anyone else.  Frank Cusumano stated, “people don’t have to be nice to me, just give me some sort of edge.” This edge is very important in sports radio because having the breaking news helps boost ratings.  Patrick also brought up media rights fees rising, Howard Balzer stated, “everyone wants the Super Bowl.  (That event) is a license to print money.”  TV networks are now willing to pay more money than ever before because they know revenues will continue to rise from major sporting events.  Rob Rains had some great input on social media saying that Twitter “if used correctly, is a great tool. However, I can’t fit most of my news in 140 characters.” The final question asked by Rishe was to name your best and worst sports moment in St. Louis history.  Here are the three panelist’s answers:

Frank Cusumano:
Best- Kurt Warner to Issac Bruce in Super Bowl XXXIV
Worst- Rick Majerus passing away in 2012

Howard Balzer: 
Best- The St. Louis Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV
Worst- Embarrassing Interview with Kristi Yamaguchi

Rob Rains: 
Best- Cardinals comeback win in game 6 of 2011 World Series
Worst- Any sports tragedy

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