When an individual is going through a divorce, they need expert advice on a wide array of financial and tax issues.

The family law experts at Anders can assist clients and their attorneys with all financial aspects of a divorce proceeding.  We can help with issues like the valuation of a closely held business interest included in the marital estate, determination of the tax impact of paying maintenance, and the investigation of missing, unreported or undervalued assets.

From the beginning, we take a holistic approach to each case, drawing on our complete understanding of the many financial dimensions of post-divorce life. We provide indispensable advice on the short and long-term impacts of any proposed settlements.

Representative service offerings include:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Business Valuations
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Post-divorce Financial and Tax Planning
  • QDRO Analysis
  • Stock Option and Retirement Plan Analysis
  • Structuring Equitable Property Settlements
  • Tax Impact of Maintenance and Cash Flow Analysis
Case Studies

Comprehensive examination of corporate inception documents, financial records, and other evidentiary material in connection with the valuation of a major subprime loan broker. Venue:  State Court – St. Louis County, MO

Review financial records in order to trace ownership interests in twenty entities over a twenty-five year period in order to determine marital versus separate ownership percentages for each entity.  Venue: State Court – St. Louis County, MO

Served as joint expert in a family law matter involving the valuation of closely-held businesses in the healthcare and business services industries. Venue: State Court – St. Louis County, MO

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