From the Eyes of a Recruiter: What are we REALLY Looking for on a Resume

Writing a resume can be tricky business. What to add versus what not to? What things will make your resume jump off the page?

Here are a few tips to make a recruiter STOP and read your resume. After all, we usually spend just 5-10 seconds on a resume before making a decision. Make sure that there is no question after reading your resume, we will say, YES!

  • Recruiters love to see internship experience. Internships show you’ve gained real professional experience. They provide the discipline and regular schedule that students need to prepare for an 8+ hour work day. This experience is different than sitting through lectures in class, and is extremely valuable. An internship also lets students build relationships with professionals and make connections that could prove essential in the future. Finding a way to get this experience shows initiative and could mean landing your next job.
  • Recruiters want to see some type of campus involvement. There must be something you’ve been involved in or are passionate about. Be sure to highlight your involvement in campus groups and any leadership positions you’ve held. Recruiters will learn a little bit about your personality based on this involvement.
  • Always include the months and years you worked at a company. It’s a major red flag if the months are not listed, because it’s unclear whether you worked at a company for 2 months or 12 months. This can be a sign that you’re hiding gaps in employment or a short stint at a company.
  • As a candidate right out of college, make sure your GPA is listed. By no means does GPA mean everything. There are many other factors to take into consideration. However, not listing your GPA is a red flag. We’ll wonder why it’s not listed.
  • Based on what you’re applying for, tailor your objective and job duties. If you’re applying for a summer internship, make sure to update your resume, so at first glance, it’s clear that’s what you’re targeting.

Take a few of these tips and revisit your resume. Happy writing!

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