Real Estate and Construction Newsletter August 2017

Prepare for the Future of Your Company with Exit Planning

Business owners invest their time, energy and resources into building their business into a successful enterprise. Yet, many owners find themselves not knowing how to carry out exiting their business while maximizing the value. According to the Exit Planning Institute, 78% of business owners do not have a formal transition team. This means that the company’s future is unknown, and continuing growth is not guaranteed.

Benefits of Exit Planning

Exit planning is an ongoing process that should be prepared for long before exiting your business. The benefits of having a successful exit strategy are continuous. Exit planning can help:

  • Control how and when to exit your business
  • Minimize the taxes to put more money in your pocket
  • Place strategic options to choose from during any life event
  • Maximize value during good and bad economic times
  • Create peace of mind knowing your future is secure

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