Pujols’ Departure Could be Win for All

After overcoming their emotions about Albert Pujols’ departure, I believe that St. Louis Cardinals fans will realize that Albert’s signing with the Angels could be a “win” for all parties involved.

Albert Pujols. Albert now boasts the second largest contract in MLB history behind Alex Rodriguez. In fact, with his new $254 million contract, Pujols will now be earning $68,493 per day for the next ten years. Signing with the Angels will also allow Pujols the opportunity to play for another competitive team while giving him the option to become a designated hitter later in his career. Additionally, Albert will now be spending most of his playing time in California’s favorable weather conditions.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Angels owner Arte Moreno should see plenty of benefits both on and off the field thanks to his new $254 million investment in Albert Pujols. In addition to acquiring a player that should be one of the game’s best for the next few years, signing Albert should bring more value to the franchise than ever before. According to Forbes, the Angels franchise was valued at $184 million when Moreno purchased the team in 2003. The franchise’s current value of $554 million will probably continue to increase significantly in the years to come thanks to additional memorabilia and apparel revenue as well increased media rights, corporate sponsorships, and advertising rates.

St. Louis Cardinals. Most Cardinal fans would agree that it will be difficult to replace a player like Albert Pujols. However, I believe that most Cardinals fans would also agree that it would have been very difficult for St. Louis to field a competitive team while paying Albert such a large contract. After all, in the next few years some of the Cardinals other stars such as Wainwright, Carpenter, Molina, Freese, and Craig will all be up for new contracts. In some of the larger markets, it may be possible for one team to support so many expensive contracts. However, for teams like the Cardinals who play in smaller markets, maintaining such a high payroll is often not an option.

All in all, Albert got his big payday with a competitive team, the Angels have obtained a new face of their franchise, and the Cardinals have allowed themselves the financial capability to stay competitive for years to come.