Progress at 800 Market – The New Anders Space

Since our announcement that Anders was consolidating our Downtown and Brentwood offices to the Bank of America Plaza at 800 Market Street by year-end, we’ve been working with Nehring Design and BSI Constructors to finalize all different aspects of the new space. Construction started the week of October 3, and you’ll see in this first picture the space was very long and open. Soon though, our space would take shape.

bank of america anders space









Not too much later, by October 21, we had beams up to start the framing of the offices. Construction has moved quickly, so we make sure to get over to the space once a week to document the progress. I think the workers at BSI enjoy our weekly visits!

Bank of America Anders Space









Fast forward a few weeks to November 4 and we have drywall!! We can really start to see the space coming together at this point. What started as basically a blank canvas is starting to take the form of the new Anders space. You’ll see in the next photo offices will line the exterior window walls giving amazing views of City Garden.

Bank of America Anders Space








Our trip last week got everyone buzzing. The move date is getting closer and closer and we are all filled with anticipation. One of our biggest upgrades with the new space will be our collaboration area, including a kitchen, training space and general gathering space. Below is a picture of that space taking shape. We are looking forward to many great ideas being born there!

Bank of America Anders SPace








Anders is working hard to slim down our current work spaces and we plan to continue to keep our clients and friends notified of our moving process. Be sure to check back often to see continued progress on the new space. We are looking forward combining our two offices and working seamlessly as one.