Cost to Make the Playoffs in MLB

The playoffs are underway after arguably the most exciting last day of the season in history. Let’s look at team payrolls for those who made it:

  • The Philadelphia Phillies had an extraordinary year and they paid for it with a team payroll of $170,000,000.
  • The Cardinals clawed their way in with a great September with a payroll of $114,000,000.
  • The Tigers are close behind at $106,000,000.

Texas spent only (?) $89,000,000 to get there, which is only slightly more than the Brewers at $87,000,000. Arizona accomplished a lot with a payroll totaling $54,000,000.

In a comparison almost equal to the surprising last month of the season, New York spent $192,000,000 to get to the playoffs, while Tampa Bay did it spending under $38,000,000; the second lowest payroll after the Royals.

Of the top ten spending teams, only 4 made the playoffs – only 2 of the top 7! Maybe money really doesn’t buy happiness…