Pitcher Wins and What They are Worth

Let’s look at what many feel can be a misleading stat – pitcher wins. Whiles wins can be misleading due to lack of run support, or massive run support for the lucky ones, through the mid-point of the season, the cheapest wins were from Josh Tomlin of the Indians at $41,720. Next in line were Tommy Hanson, Jake Arrieta, Daniel Hudson and Ian Kennedy. Again, not surprisingly, all of these hurlers are paid pretty close to the league minimum.

With regards to the most expensive wins, keep in mind that missed starts and time on the DL will have a major affect on this list and it probably isn’t fair… That said, here we go: Weighing at $8,500,000 per win is Joe Blanton of the Phillies – how would you like to be compared to Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee every day! In his defense, he has only made 6 starts this year. After Mr. Blanton, the list includes starters Barry Zito, Jon Garland and Jake Peavy. Barry’s actually pitching very well since coming off the DL, which is a common theme among these pitchers.

Next up – team efficiency.