Protecting Your Company from a Petya Cyberattack

A new, international ransomware attack has spread to businesses in the U.S., causing important company data to be inaccessible and held for ransom. The cyberattack referred to as “Petya” or “NotPetya” is still rapidly spreading, and companies need to use caution.

What is Petya ransomware?

Petya is a type of ransomware that takes over computers and demands $300 in Bitcoin before releasing. Once a computer is affected, the malicious software spreads across a company or organization using a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has released a patch update, but Petya may attack before it is installed.

How can my company protect ourselves?

There are proactive steps you should take to prevent this attack from occurring on your network:

  • Avoid opening unsolicited emails containing attachments or send to your IT advisor to review
  • Install the latest Windows patches
  • Avoid surfing websites that may contain harmful links
  • Verify anti-virus, anti-malware and other security products are on the latest patch updates available
  • Backup your data
  • Block network ports if they are unused, specifically TCP 445 for the Petya ransomware
  • Filter incoming email with at least one or multiple spam filters
  • Filter threats at the DNS level on all ports and protocols

Developing a security plan with your IT advisor is important to proactively protect your company from cyberattacks. Anders Technology Services can help protect your company from a crippling cyberattack using security products, data backup and disaster recovery plans. Contact Anders to learn more.