Nine-Year-Old Beats the Odds and the Brackets to Win Hoops for Hope Tournament

Jack McCook, age 9, was victorious in his quest to win the Anders Hoops for Hope NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the coveted first place prize, the new iPad. Jack is the youngest person to win in the 25-year history of the Anders-sponsored pool, which benefits Anders’s Charity of Choice. This year, all proceeds will go to Nurses for Newborns.

Jack, who played the pool with his mom, Jennifer, was quick to point out that she didn’t help in selecting his brackets. “She asked me which team I wanted and I picked the ones that were on a winning streak.”

His “winning streak” methodology paid off as he picked six of the Elite Eight and three of the Final Four. When asked about the biggest upset in his brackets, he immediately responded with “Mizzou”, his only pick not to make it to the Final Four.

“I knew that if Kentucky won, I was going to win the new iPad, said Jack. I was so excited.” Jack said it was the best day of his life, according to his dad, Brian McCook, a partner in Anders’s Healthcare Group.

Joe, Jack’s younger brother, played a bracket with his dad and was confident that the winning new iPad would become a family iPad. Jack, however, says he thinks he will let him use it “maybe twice a week.”

An avid football fan, Jack’s favorite team is the Oklahoma Sooners like his dad. When it comes to basketball, he likes college basketball but his favorite players are in the NBA – Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.

A strong competitor, he likes to play basketball, football, baseball and soccer, so beating 505 other players made him very happy. A well-rounded third-grader, he likes to play the violin and piano, too.

On his way out, Apple gift certificate in hand for the new iPad and a smile from ear-to-ear, Jack said to thank the sponsors and everyone who played. He is pictured here with Craig Campbell, tax partner and pool organizer and Robert Minkler, managing partner.