MLB Team Efficiency

What teams do the most, with the least? The most efficient team on a cost per win basis, with slightly more than half the season gone, is the Tampa Bay Rays at $772,814 per win. The next 4 are the Royals, Pirates, Indians and Diamondbacks. Before you think this is skewed by low paying, but losing teams, read this shocker: of the 5 teams, only the Royals are under .500 at the All Star break. Can they all keep it going for the rest of the year?

The least efficient list can be misleading because of the huge payrolls involved. In fact, numbers 1, 3 and 5 on the list of least efficient teams are the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies – all of which have a stellar record of over .600 so far. However, the other 2 are the Cubs and White Sox who are both under .500 – what is it about Chicago baseball??? Blogger’s full disclosure – I’m a Cardinal fan