Medicare Quality Payment Program – Measure Selection

The final rule is out for Medicare’s new Quality Payment Program. Physician practices reporting under MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) in 2017 will avoid a 4% payment penalty in 2019. Incentive payments up to 4% may be granted for top participating performers. The payment adjustments or incentives apply to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule services. There are options to decide each individual’s level of participation to avoid penalties under what it has branded as, “Pick Your Pace.”

Quality weighs on a practitioner or group scoring at 60%, so practitioners and practice managers should look closely at the quality reporting options. Medicare’s website details the Quality Payment Program with over 270 Quality Measures and a four-step instruction process. One tip mentioned in step two is using one of the filters, such as Specialty Measure Set. By filtering your options, it will reduce the available list of 270 to a more manageable review. Another sort option is based on the Data Submission Method. If the individual or group knows it will use its EHR for reporting, any measure not equipped with “EHR” as a reporting mechanism should be removed from consideration.

An Easier Format for Selecting Measures

My suggestion is to select one of the filter methods to narrow the list either by Specialty or Data Submission Method. Move all of those options to a downloaded CSV file by selecting “Add All Measures,” and “Download.” The file in Excel can then be easily sorted and filtered based on multiple options. With 60% of scoring attributed to quality reporting, it’s important to select measures that reflect a good performance. Pick Your Pace allows for minimal participation in 2017, but in 2018 the penalties increase each year. Don’t wait to select measures and begin tracking results.

We downloaded workable Excel documents for QPP Improvement Activities, QPP Quality Measures, ACI Measures and ACI 2017 Transition Measures where you can sort and filter applicable measures.

Contact the Anders Health Care Services team for assistance with the decisions and work load of MIPS.