Making the Jump to the Real World

I’ve spent the first 20 plus years of my life going to school. From Edwardsville High School to the University of Illinois and on October 19th, 2009, everything changed and I officially entered the “real world” starting as a Tax Associate at Anders. No more class and no more exams, but still lots of learning. Here are some thoughts about my first 90 days as an accountant.

My first day at Anders I found out I had plenty of learning to do. Employee names, office layout, firm policies, procedures, software, and so much more. I didn’t learn any of this in college. What now?

Orientation helped quite a bit. It definitely kept me busy. In and out of meetings all day learning about different firm departments and software, meeting employees, and trying to find my way around the office. After two weeks of orientation it was still easy to see I didn’t know near enough.

After orientation came the case write-up and some billable work, but mostly just miscellaneous non-chargeable work. The write-up project definitely helped me learn the software and with each project I’m given I learn more and more. November was a tough month to get through.

With December came projections and BNA, which means more chargeable work, but at what cost? I know I will understand that program some day. Now my first busy season is rapidly approaching. Long hours, number crunching, lots of directions and all I can do is wonder, what will I learn next?