Lunch with Warren Buffett

Have you ever wanted to just get 5 minutes of Warren Buffett’s time?  What about an afternoon with 7 of your closest friends sitting down to lunch with him?  What could that chance to spend this kind of time with the world’s best known investor be worth to you and your group?

Power Lunch with Warren Buffett is an auction item available for bidders through the internet auction site, eBay, beginning June 1st.  All proceeds from the sale benefit the San Francisco based non-profit, GLIDE.

We have been fortunate to participate in the auction as an advisor and feel honored to aid in such a worthy cause.  Lunch with Warren Buffett has raised $15.6 million since its inception in 2003, allowing GLIDE to provide over 855,000 free meals, over 16,000 health visits, and over 8,200 emergency shelter bed reservations to those in need.

Mr. Buffett has been a supporter of GLIDE since 1999 and was attracted to the organization’s belief that every human being has a potential, no matter what their circumstances, and that a combination of love, energy and resources can produce a different human being.

Bidding begins on Sunday June 1st live on eBay, with pre-registration required.  This year, bidders may also utilize their stock holdings, rather than cash, as their preferred method of payment as well. Click here for the link to bid.

Additionally, please see this fantastic video which details the Power Lunch with Warren Buffett and his feelings for the fundraiser: