Law Panel talks NFL, NCAA & CBA problems at Anders Symposium

The third and final panel at Anders Sports, Arts & Entertainment Symposium tackled many issues within sports law.  The panelists were Dr. Tassos Kaburakis of St. Louis University, Bob Wallace of Thompson Coburn, and Ryan Davis of BryanCave.

The first topic Patrick Rishe brought up was that of NFL safety.  Bob Wallace started by saying, “I don’t think people really knew what would come from big hits in the NFL,” meaning that there was not enough research done to keep players safe in the first place.  Adding to the discussion about safety and the lawsuits being filed against the NFL, Davis stated, “I think safety is the #1 threat to the NFL and I think the NFL knows it.”  The NFL is now scrambling to research head injuries and trying to make the game safer when they should have been doing it long ago.

The next topic Rishe brought up was about NCAA issues over the past year regarding sanctions against universities.  Tassos took point on this issue saying, “it is perplexing to look into some of these investigations and see how knowingly people are circumventing the process on both sides,” and reiterating and there are too many lies.  Wallace followed up saying, “we have lost our mission on what is supposed to be NCAA athletics.  It is now less about student-athletes and more about money.”   This issue has led to many people believing that student-athletes should be paid.  What do you think?  The discussion about law was very interesting and prompted many questions from the audience about current issues in the sports world.

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