Is It Worth Your Time?

Jerrie K. Weith, FHFMA, CMPE Have you wondered how the busiest people always seem to find the time to take on even more challenges? But they always do! I was fortunate enough to hear a presentation by very influential business woman and philanthropist in Chicago, Barbara Levy Kipper. Her presentation was centered on saying yes to the right things and no to others, and knowing when to do each. Here was her methodology: Barbara said that whenever an opportunity to volunteer or take on a new project was presented to her, she ran the idea through a personal balance sheet. She would outline the benefits (assets) and delineate the negatives (liabilities) and if the analysis didn’t produce a positive net balance, she declined. So for example, you’re asked to serve on a committee of your professional association next year. Your analysis might include:

Benefits/Assets Negatives/Liabilities
Exposure to prospective clients Time commitment
Opportunity fits with your product line Not really your forte
Time commitment is after hours/flexible

Based on this analysis, you may decide to accept the opportunity. Or you may think about it and say the benefits look like they outweigh the negatives, but it really isn’t something you like to do so you’ll decline. You can also use this when considering a new project or new client/customer. It isn’t just for volunteer service. I started using this 10 years ago and it has served me well. If you can use it, glad to pass it on!