IRS Says Don’t Look for Tax Forms in Your Mailbox

If you still prefer to put pencil to paper and complete a paper income tax return, you will be able to find the forms at libraries, post offices and walk-in IRS offices. However, you won’t find one in your mailbox. With the growing popularity of electronically filing tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service says it will no longer automatically mail traditional paper forms.

CNN reported earlier today that the IRS mailed the old-style set of paper forms, tables and instructions to just eight percent of the nation’s taxpayers last year. This year, 96 million taxpayers have filed electronically, with another 20 million filing through professional tax preparers. The IRS hopes to save $10 million a year by not automatically mailing the materials.

If you filed traditional paperwork last year, you will get a postcard from the IRS in the next few weeks with instructions on how to obtain the documents needed to file a tax return. After Jan. 1, you can request a mailing through the IRS toll-free number, 800-829-3676, and the materials will be available at