The startup community is made up of investors, entrepreneurs and dreamers. Balance sheets and general ledgers can be an after-thought or even stifle creativity. So, Anders helps startups like yours achieve success by concentrating on the comprehensive financial needs of startups and entrepreneurs and allowing you to focus on developing and launching services and products, as you should.

Our Startup and Entrepreneurial Services Include:

  • Help you achieve your business goals
  • Assist you in wading through IRS regulations and compliance issues
  • Explain the whys and hows of good accounting and reporting
  • Develop a pricing strategy
  • Help you get your books in order for potential investors
  • Determine what your business is worth
  • Assist in sales pitch development

From an understanding of the St. Louis market and business climate, to assistance with entity selection and structuring, outsourced accounting, valuation, mergers, acquisitions and expansions and well as traditional tax and audit services, Anders provides the complete scope to help startups become standouts.

One of the key differentiators between Anders and other firms in the startup and early stage space is the variety of roles our Firm has played when working with startup companies and entrepreneurs.fac

Services for startups and entrepreneurs include:

Tax Planning and Compliance

Audit and Advisory

Outsourced Accounting

We also offer advisory services, including:

  • Cloud-based Accounting Solutions
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Capital Raise
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansions
  • Valuations
  • Financial Model Development
  • Systems Selection and Implementation
  • Information Technology and Software Development
  • Human Resources and Payroll Outsourcing
  • Staff Sourcing

Anders, along with our affiliate Inflexion Strategic Advisors, offers a comprehensive financial and workplace management solution for startups and entrepreneurs.

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