Incognito vs. Martin: Financial Fallout?

We have all heard and been shocked and mystified in our own way about what is being reported about the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin situation.  While the impact of this is much more important than any financial impact to either of them, the Miami Dolphins, or the NFL, what might be the financial ramifications?

For the two players involved, it’s quite possible neither of them ever plays in the NFL again.  Martin was a 2nd round draft pick only last year with a 4 year contract for around $4,750,000.  Incognito signed a 3 year $13,000,000 contract in 2011.  The potential of lost wages to these two for these contracts, and future contracts, is staggering given the typically short playing careers of NFL athletes.

For the Dolphins, they can expect some significant legal fees, lost ticket sales and possibly legal woes due to workplace conditions.  Who knows, maybe they gain some TV revenues from the “train wreck” crowd that just wants to see what happens.

The NFL now has another major issue to deal with in the public eye in addition to concussions and CTE.  Layer on this “locker room culture” issue and the once invincible business model of the NFL is beginning to show a few hairline fractures.

Only time will tell what the overall impact of this situation will be for everyone involved – directly and indirectly.