Home Runs and What They are Worth

If you read my last blog entry, you know I like to look at www.baseballplayersalaries.com to see their determination of the value of certain things in baseball. Let’s look at what everyone loves to watch – home runs.

Through the mid-point of the season, the cheapest home runs were from Mike Stanton of the Marlins at $23,111 for each long ball. Next in line were Mark Trumbo, Danny Espinosa, Freddie Freeman and my favorite dual career star, Carlos Santana. Not surprisingly, all of these sluggers are paid near the league minimum which results in their value.

The list of most expensive home runs isn’t really a fair comparison as many players making large salaries don’t hit home runs and aren’t expected to, i.e. Ichiro.

Next we’ll look at pitchers’ wins. Thanks for reading…