Hidden Assets in Divorce

There are a number of ways that one spouse may try to undervalue or hide assets from another spouse during a divorce, such as:

  • Collusion with an employer to delay the payment of bonuses, commissions, stock options, or annual raises to salary;
  • Failure to disclose retirement accounts;
  • Undervaluing personal items, such as artwork, antiques, collections (coins, guns, sports memorabilia, etc…), and hobby equipment;
  • Opening custodial accounts in the name of a child;
  • Moving assets to an offshore account,
  • Skimming cash from a business and/or other unreported income, and
  • Placing assets in a safe deposit box.

In order to locate these assets, it is usually necessary to hire a forensic accountant who can gather and review evidence and present his or her findings to the court. Contact me today for more information, 314.655.5500.